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South Beach offers a nice variety of games, decent software, and some great jackpots and promotions, which make up for its somewhat horrendous website.It’s difficult to know what to make of this site. Despite claiming to be one of the largest bingo sites online, many of their sections, including the news area and newsletter sections (which details their current schedules and promotions) have not been updated in well over a year. This makes it impossible to determine what promos they currently have running, and whether other sections of their website are as out of date as those sections (and judging by the posted chat schedule and our play testing session, they are). With many sites being updated daily and having vibrant community aspects, the dreary and out of date South Beach Bingo site is a major grievance, and completely baffling. Despite the appearance that no one’s home, they do have round the clock live customer service available for chat.

Things are a little better once you get into the software, which features all the bells and whistles you would expect, and a pleasant, though somewhat unenthusiastic sounding caller. While the CM’s are nice, the appalling website does have the effect of limiting the sense of community, as you won’t find any blogs, CM profiles, player testimonials, or anything else of that nature. There is a small section with player photos, which oddly enough, shares many of the exact same photos and in the exact same order as another bingo site which shall remain nameless. While this phenomenon only occurs on the first page of photos it’s strange nonetheless.

There are two main bingo rooms, each with moderate traffic. Games come in a variety of patterns, and there are coveralls as well. With only two rooms, there’s bound to be some downtime, especially if you’re waiting for specific games or patterns, but South Beach also has other games to keep your interest, such as slots, keno, pull tabs and video poker. Many of these games do not support the Firefox web browser, another minor irritant.

There’s a different promotion daily, offering bonus rewards and guaranteed payouts, and unique playing experiences. There are a good number of guaranteed jackpot games each day, which, when coupled with the low volume of players, could make South Beach a very lucrative place to play bingo.
Deposit and withdrawal options available for use include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Click2Pay, Instadebit, Neteller, ewallet Xpress, and Eco.

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