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Virgin Bingo is just one of the gaming sites under the Virgin Games label, alongside sites devoted to casino and poker. Virgin Group is without a doubt one of the largest companies running an online bingo gaming site, which gives it a level of credibility that few others can match.Virgin Bingo has a unique style and design that should be instantly recognizable to those familiar with the company. The website and game software have a unique aesthetic quite different than many other bingo sites.

Being a part of the large Virgin Group gives them one of the more vaunted rewards programs among bingo sites, with loyalty points earned through play being redeemable for prizes like air fare miles on Virgin Atlantic, and vouchers that can be used to purchase a wide variety of items under the Virgin brand. Virgin Points can be collected at all three of the Virgin Games sites and get funnelled into one account to maximize your winning potential. On top of the Virgin Points are chat points, and these can be used for free entry into bonus bingo games. These points are awarded for participating in the many fun chat games available at the site.

Virgin bingo has the standard 75 and 90 ball bingo games, and a nice selection of promotional events and daily challenges. There are daily progressive jackpot games as well. Despite a separate casino site, the bingo software also comes fully loaded with keno, video slots and video poker games to keep you occupied and satisfied.

One of the most unique experiences on Virgin Bingo are the celebrity chat nights, which see celebrities join in on the bingo playing and chatting goodness. Before you set aside time to catch the George Clooney celebrity chat night, we must warn that these aren’t A-list celebrities, but this promotion certainly makes for a fun night of bingo and chatting, especially for those who are fans of the celebs featured. The chat nights have been inactive for some five months now, and with none currently scheduled, so hopefully Virgin will get some celebs into their offices soon and revive this great little feature.
Deposit and withdrawal options are restricted to Visa, Mastercard, paypal and Neteller. Let’s hope more options are forthcoming in the future.

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