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Rummy Royal remains the industry leader in online Rummy and skill gaming. It not only has a great selection of Rummy and Kalooki games but also skill games from around the world like Okey and Mahjong. At Rummy Royal you can expect big bonuses and hundreds of tournaments to keep you entertained and hopefully win big. If you dont feel confident playing skill based games for real money there are ways to play for real while you are learning, play in fun mode or in the special training mode as you refine your skills and then take advantage of Rummy Royals generous promotions to make you money work harder for you. Support, help and tips on playing can be found in the new blog section that includes community, promotions, software updates and winners. Rummy Royal has a host of skill based games, not just Rummy games you can play the Rummy variations mentioned below plus Rummy 500, Burraco, Turkish Rummy (Okey), Tripoley, Canasta, Rummikub and Mahjong.

Traditional Rummy: This game is played with two decks of cards. Players can lay down their ‘‘melds’’ made up of sets and runs at any point during the game and other players can add cards to other player’s melds that have already been laid down. The winner is the player who lays all his cards down first.

Gin Rummy: This game is played with one deck of cards. Unlike with Traditional Rummy, cards melds can only be laid down once in the game. At the lay down, not all cards have to be laid, but the remaining cards can not add up to more than 10. After the first player lays down his melds other players can then lay their down. The winner is the player with the least value of cards left in their hands.

Oklahoma Gin: This game is a variation of Gin with one small change. In Oklahoma the value of cards that a player can keep in his hand after laying down it not 10. This value varies in each game depending on the first card turned over in the deck.

Kalooki 51 is incredibly popular in the UK and is played with two decks of cards and importantly two jokers. Kalooki is like Traditional Rummy as players can lay down some melds during the middle of the game but the value of the first meld must add up to 51.

Kalooki 40: The number 40 means that when a player lays down for the first time, the cards must add up to 40. In addition a crucial difference with Kalooki 51 is that if a player takes a card from his opponent he must use it straight away by laying it down.
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