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EntroPay is a unique payment initiative by Ixaris Systems. The users can buy products or services online through the EntroPay online VISA card. The payment is entirely legal; however players must note that an EntroPay account is not similar to a bank account and it is not feasible for the users to make direct debits or issue cheques. This has been a common misconception that online players have had about EntroPay because of the fact that it uses a special EntroPay online VISA card to manage transactions.

Users can use the virtual VISA card to perform online transactions, which is alike any other VISA card. The Visa Corporation identifies EntroPay Virtual VISA card as a VISA classic debit card.

How it Works

EntroPay lets its users to own virtual VISA cards which are alike the normal credit or debit cards. Signing up with EntroPay is easy and free of cost. The prospective user can begin an account by filling out a form and selecting an ID and a password. It is mandatory that the user provides details about his credit or debit card. After the information is authenticated, the account setup is completed and is equipped to function after a certain amount is transferred to the card.

Alike the ideal credit card, every EntroPay virtual VISA card has a stipulated limit to which the user should accustom to. When a person makes a transaction online, it shows up on the EntroPay account before four working days.

Since it functions very similar to a credit card, EntroPay issues every user a card number, an expiry date a CVV and every time a user wants to make a purchase, he needs to provide all these details on the merchant’s site. While using an EntroPay card, the user’s personal details will not be disclosed to the vendor’s site for security purposes. A user can own more than one EntroPay account and it is possible to alternate between the two when he is making online transactions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering an EntroPay Virtual VISA card functions like a normal credit card the danger of the card being vetoed when used in an online casino is extremely high. However, this small downfall is compensated by the fact that EntroPay is still the preferred transferring method for most people. Taking into account that it is a prepaid virtual card, the odds that the card will be rejected is close to zero. Since it is a prepaid card, there is no possibility for a player to overshoot his credit limit and the user gets excellent privacy in using an EntroPay account while making transactions online. Aside from all this, EntroPay is speedy and simple to use, and it does no background check on a person’s credit history. It is accepted by a gamut of online gambling portals and has a global presence.

Using EntroPay at Online Casinos

Every time a player uses an EntroPay card to make a deposit from his debit or credit card, he is charged a small fee. Although, while creating an EntroPay account, there is no charges involved.

When the user transfers funds into the EntroPay account, about 4.95% fee is charged and is automatically linked to his debit or credit card.

There is more. There is a small charge involved even while money comes into the EntroPay account. For instance, if a player bags a large sum in a game of Texas Holdem, and wants to extract the money and transfer it to the EntroPay account, an extra 1.95% is charge on him upon every withdrawal.

The currencies backed by EntroPay are the Great Britain Pounds, American Dollars and Euros. At no point in time can a player substitute each of these currencies with one another. Although, there is an inherent currency converter on the EntroPay site, which enables the players to make payments in any currency he opts for and then transforms the payment into one of the three main currencies.

Important Notice

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