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While people are searching for a reliable mode of making financial transactions to virtual gambling portals, most of them resort to EZIpay as an option. EZIpay was previously called as PaySpark and it functions like an online wallet where a user can utilize it to buy products or services.

The EZIpay model is quite basic and allows the user to deposit his funds into his EZIpay account. After this, the funds can be utilized to make online payments to many online sites and gambling portals in particular. The EZIpay payment method enables trouble free, simple, secure and immediate virtual transfers and hence is the first choice for many buyers.

How it Works

Registering with EZIpay is very straightforward and the entire process is free of cost. After the potential client has keyed in his appropriate information and the account is agreed upon, the EZIpay account is equipped to work with. Although, the user must bear in mind that EZIpay does not impose any fee on him but when he transfers money onto the account and hidden charges are nonexistent. To have an understanding of all the liabilities involved, the user should have a detailed look at the fine print provided by the website. Prior to making any payments or deposits, it is mandatory that the user has a look at the vendor’s terms and conditions in terms of allowing EZIpay transactions. EZIpay assures that all the details given by the user will be kept undisclosed till a proper approval is got from the same.

After a player chooses EZIpay as a payment method in gambling portals, buying and withdrawing is an easy deal. The player first needs to log into an online gambling site that allows making payments through EZIpay and all he needs to do is choose EZIpay option. The player will be navigated to a fresh page where he can key in his EZIpay user information and choose his account. These methods are to be undergone to log in to the respective EZIpay account. Subsequent to logging in, the player has to type the total sum that he wants to extract from the EZIpay account. After this, he has to choose the finish button the get done with the entire process. The transfers don’t happen instantly and the money shows up in the EZIpay account only after a while. These transfers can be scrutinized at any point in time in the website.

EZIpay also provides the user with a real card and this enables the user to extract money from an ATM in any part of the world provided, it accepts MasterCard.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The one demerit of utilizing EZIpay is the fact that it is not as global in its presence and a lot of merchants do not allow EZIpay as an option. Simultaneously, is vigorously endorsing EZIPay mode and the circle is being enhanced on a large scale. Besides this, EZIpay is secure, free from malpractices and very easy to use.

Using EZIpay at Online Casinos

Players can sign up for an EZIpay account at the virtual casino banking page. He has to merely opt for EZIpay as his payment mode and he will be navigated to sign up for an EZIpay account, free of cost. After the account with EZIpay has been triggered, the player will be instantaneously entitled to the EZIpay ATM account. Owing to the suitable transaction types accessible to the players, making transactions to your account is simple. These include, transfers from EZIpay ATM account, Western Union, bank wire transfers and more. To extract the winnings, players can visit any one of the plenty of ATM machines that accept a Maestro card present all over the world.

It is the most preferred payment method by a lot of online gambling connoisseurs as it has a spending boundary of $3000 and several players have remarked that it is very convenient that they are offered the required bandwidth to play online.

Important Notice

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