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The fact that PayPal has 230 million accounts from worldwide proves its popularity and reliability. This online payment processor, which gives top priority to customer satisfaction and financial security, facilitates easy and quick transfer of money online.

Customers should first register an account at PayPal, which is free, easy, and quick. During the registration process, they can connect their credit/debit card to their PayPal accounts without worrying about security issues because PayPal goes out of its way to protect customers’ financial information and never reveals it to sellers. After creating a PayPal account, customers can fund their accounts using any PayPal approved method, send money to any email address, and receive money from any email address.

Sending money is always free; however, PayPal charges transaction fees to receivers with a personal account. Customers who want to save on their transaction fees simply have to create a PayPal premier account or a merchant account.

Since PayPal has a huge global presence, people from all over the world can use PayPal. The company’s policies, however, differ from country to country and customers will find out more about PayPal services in their respective countries at PayPal’s official website.

Advantages and Disadvantages

PayPal is easy, quick, and affordable. One of the biggest benefits of using PayPal is that customers can collect credit card rewards while using it; moreover, PayPal offers the exclusive PayPal Extras MasterCard with its unique rewards scheme. Customers can also purchase goods and services and payments later using an option called Bill Me Later at over 1000 online shopping centers, including eBay. Customers can also use PayPal even if they do not have any funds in their PayPal accounts by simply linking their credit cards or bank accounts to their PayPal accounts. PayPal can be used even if customers do not have a bank account thanks to the availability of a feature called MoneyPak at more than 40,000 retailers.

Although it is easy to register an account at PayPal, verifying funds can be time consuming. PayPal is also not very kind to sellers, and in case of fraud, sellers find their money lost or their accounts frozen. A number of customers are also not happy with PayPal’s customer care service, which they find to be indifferent. If a buyer complains about a product to PayPal, the seller will not only have to refund the payment, but also lose the product delivered. A number of people who have had their accounts frozen by PayPal do not want to have anything to do it. Simultaneously, millions of people who use PayPal to get paid and send money do not have any problems with it.

Using PayPal at Online Casinos

The number of online casinos accepting PayPal as a banking method is on the rise because PayPal is generally considered to be one of the most reliable, trustworthy, quick, and affordable payment processors online. Online casino enthusiasts can use PayPal to quickly fund their online casino accounts or withdraw winnings from their gaming accounts.

Online gambling enthusiasts who wish to use PayPal as their banking accounts first need to find a reputed PayPal casino. They will be introduced to innumerable PayPal casinos at prominent online casino review sites or approved affiliate sites. Once they find a good PayPal casino, they need to register an account, visit the casino cashier, and choose PayPal as their preferred payment option.

The online casino will then prompt players to input their PayPal details before directing them to their PayPal accounts from where they can move funds to their online gaming accounts. The monetary transaction is instantaneous and players will never find themselves waiting for their money to arrive into their casino accounts. Players who have linked their credit/debit cards with their PayPal accounts will find it incredibly easy to move their funds from PayPal to their online casinos and from PayPal to their checking accounts.


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