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Ukash is a brand of Smart Voucher Limited, which is regulated and authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority. Although Ukash originated in the UK, it has a presence in a number of countries and is one of the most popular payment options in the world.

How it Works

Ukash strongly resembles a prepaid debit card and functions like one. Ukash cards or vouchers are available at more than 275,000 gas stations, post offices, stores, and news stands worldwide. Each voucher bears a 19-digit pin, which customers need to input whenever they make a purchase using Ukash. The amount paid will be deducted from the Ukash card balance, which is equal to the amount paid for the Ukash voucher or card. Ukash vouchers can be purchased for as much as £500 or lesser in countries such as UK, Europe, and South Africa. Ukash vouchers can also be purchased through mobile phone, but customers will have to pay a fee of 6 percent their card value.

Ukash vouchers take the form of receipts, text messages, emails, or cards, the common features being a 19-digit PIN, the value of the Ukash voucher, expiry date, and currency. The form of the Ukash voucher depends on where and how they were purchased.

Whenever customers want to make a purchase or fund their online casino accounts, they need to enter the unique Ukash PIN for quick transfer of cash. The system is safe, quick, affordable, risk free, and fraud free.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of Ukash is that it provides 100 percent security, which means that customers can use Ukash without worrying about identity theft, credit card fraud, and other online terrors. When the balance amount on the Ukash card turns zero, the card expires and can no longer be used. This means that it is time to purchase another Ukash card.

Customers prefer Ukash vouchers because they have no hidden costs and are not associated with complex terms and conditions in fine print. Customers using Ukash do not have to divulge their private financial details to any buyer or online gaming site. The transfer of cash is instantaneous, which means that players using Ukash can get into the online casino action without wasting time waiting for the funds to be processed. The biggest benefit of using Ukash is that it is so simple and easily accessible; customers do not even need a bank account to use Ukash. Customers can get Ukash vouchers in pounds, dollars, or Euros

Unfortunately, Ukash is not available all over the world, and customers in Asia and Australia are not able to purchase Ukash vouchers. Another great disadvantage of an Ukash voucher is that it could expire at the wrong time just when an online punter wants to bet on a game urgently before the bet expires. The number of businesses that accept Ukash as a payment option is also low although more and more companies have now begun accepting Ukash.

Using Ukash at Online Casinos

Although Ukash is immensely popular in the UK, online casinos all over the world accept Ukash as a payment option, owing to which online casino players will not find it difficult to find good Ukash casinos. Players simply have to purchase an Ukash voucher, register at an Ukash casino, visit the cashier, and click on the Ukash icon in the cashier. They will be prompted to enter their 19-digit Ukash pin, after which the funds will be directly and instantaneously credited to players’ accounts.

Ukash is a great option for players who hate parting with their financial details and also for players who do not have credit/debit cards owing to poor credit rates. Since they contain a fixed balance, they are ideal for players who have no control over their spending.

Ukash vouchers are available in countries such as UK, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, and others and plans to expand to many more countries.

Important Notice

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