Your guide to free gambling

Timed Casino bonuses can be very confusing if you are new to them, put quite simply they are a way of attracting you to a casino by giving you a massive amount (usually thousands of pounds/dollars) of cash to play with for a timed period, after which you must return everything you have.

Many people think these promotions are misleading and I have to say in most cases I agree. Phrases like “Keep your Winnings” and “Take home everything you win” don’t do the casinos any favours here.

The way they work is as follows;

  1. The Casino gives you a large amount of money for a set period of time (i.e., £2000 and one hour to play)
  2. When you start playing you will normally be restricted to certain games or a slightly different version of the casino, the odds will be identical to the casino you will play at for real money later, but it may look cosmetically different
  3. After the hour is up, you will have either won money (above the original money you were given) or you will have lost money.
  4. If you have lost money. It doesn’t matter, you have had fun and you owe the casino nothing. To play further you will need to make a deposit.
  5. If you have won money you will be allowed to play some of that in the real money casino. It is normally capped a small amount (i.e., £100)
  6. You will now nearly always have to make a deposit to enable your portion of the winnings to be played and you will be bound to the casino’s terms and conditions on the money you have been given. For example, you may have to abide by a specific wagering requirement clause.



Important Notice

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